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Own your freedom

Despite the National Credit Act's objective to rehabilitate over-indebted individuals, we're still seeing a significant number of consumers unable to access the benefits outlined by the act.


We believe this is due to two reasons in particular: creditors illegally terminating the application process of such individuals and certain debt counsellors that do not respect or fully understand the process required to obtain a court-approved debt repayment plan.

In the midst of it all stands the consumer, with very limited options and often with no hope of reaching financial freedom.

At SAIFF we have every intention to see over-indebted consumers find their way to financial freedom by standing in the gap for our members when they need it most. To this end we have created a cooperation that will guard our members' journey by means of the following:

  • Legal Protection: if creditors terminate unlawfully, we will use the law to bring them back into the discussion room, as per the intention of the credit act.

  • DC Auditing: consumers can rest assure that those DC's accredited to offer
    SAIFF Protection, subscribe to the highest standards of debt counselling, as per the SAIFF compliance agreement.

Product Preview
Intego Product
If you're currently in the process of applying for debt counselling, then Intego is the SAIFF product you need. It offers legal protection against illegal creditor action, for the entire duration of your application, up until you receive the court order putting your payment plan in place...   Read more
Alumno Product
This SAIFF product is specifically for consumers already active in a debt counselling programme. Alumno ensures the protection of your debt repayment plan by enabling you to draw from a collective company savings pool in the event of unforeseen expenditures...   Read more