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When Creditors Harass You

One of the major irritations when it comes to credit providers is the fact that they keep on calling and sending letters demanding payment, even if you have arrangements in place with them. Many consumers succumb to this pressure and give money to one credit provider, basically robbing the other credit providers of their allocated payment portion.

The debt review process is very useful and offers great protection, but is very strict when it comes to sticking to your repayment plan. The National Credit Act gives the credit providers mandate to institute legal action immediately should even one payment be missed.

If a scenario happens as described above, it can topple your whole debt review. It is almost certain that credit providers who did not receive payment for a specific month will terminate i.t.o Section 86 (11) of the NCA.

So because of one credit provider’s persistence in harassing you for payment, even though they get partial payment through the debt review, have now put your whole debt review and ultimately your wellbeing at risk.

This is where SAIFF comes in to assist you during a typical situation as described above.

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