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It's the family member you've always wanted...

Have you noticed how some people always have a family member that can help out in any crisis? His brother is a lawyer, his sister a doctor, his aunt a veterinarian and his father-in-law is an auditor. These families seem to have everything sorted in any kind of weather because there is always someone to help or give advice...

The day you become a SAIFF member, you become a part of just such a family. We're that brother with the legal knowledge that won't allow you to be treated unfairly. We're the sister with connections in the retail industry. The aunt who can get you reduced insurance rates. The parent that has a lifetime worth of advice to share in tough times.

Most of all though, we're just like any other family - a place where you can get together to talk to like-minded people who has your best interests at heart. For real.

So join us to become a part of this family of connected people!

Connect with SAIFF

If you would like one of our call centre agents to call you with more information about the SAIFF offer, kindly send us a email to the following address: