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How do I apply?

Intego and Alumno have different application procedures, which you will also find in the product brochures. However, for your convenience the highlights of each are listed below:

Intego Phase 1

The best way to apply for SAIFF Intego membership is through a SAIFF accredited debt counsellor -please see Find a DC for a full list of accredited DCs per geographical area.

If you are unsure about the process or need more assistance before deciding if Intego is the right product for you, please fill in the Connect form on the right, and we will connect you with a DC that will be able to answer all your questions and help you get started. These DCs will be able to advise you on SAIFF membership during your debt counselling application process, and they will process the application on your behalf.

Alumno Phase 2

If you have already received your court approved payment plan, you are eligible for Alumno membership. Applying for membership is quick and easy:

  • Download and complete the Alumno application form.

  • Fax or email it back to the contact details provided on your Alumno application form.

You can expect confirmation of receipt of your application form within 24 hours.

Connect with SAIFF

If you would like one of our call centre agents to call you with more information about the SAIFF offer, kindly send us a email to the following address: