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How long does my membership last?

Intego Phase 1

Your Intego membership lasts for the duration of your debt application process, in other words until you receive your court approved payment plan. This may be anything from a few months to two years.

Continuing with the follow-up SAIFF product, Alumno, is highly recommended, and closer to the expiry date of your Intego membership you will be contacted by a SAIFF representative to suggest your upgrade to the Alumno membership package.

Alumno Phase 2

Alumno membership lasts for the entire duration of your debt repayment plan, which could be anything up to seven or eight years, depending on your debt burden prior to entering the programme. We believe that you will find your Alumno membership and the subsequent relationship with the Alumno community, to be one of your most rewarding and supportive relationships during your journey towards financial freedom.

Connect with SAIFF

If you would like one of our call centre agents to call you with more information about the SAIFF offer, kindly send us a email to the following address: