The Southern African Institute for Financial Freedom
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The SAIFF selection process

Whether you are applying for Intego or Alumno membership, be assured that your application will be reviewed by real people, that are keen to get you started on your way to financial freedom.

Why is this encouraging to know?

Well, for starters it means your application won't be declined by a computer system that does not understand the complexities of your situation. Real people will be reviewing your payment plan to make sure you have every chance of joining SAIFF.

Secondly, because SAIFF is a cooperative, it means we all belong to one body. Therefore high-risk applications are carefully evaluated to ensure that the financial health of the cooperative is never placed in jeopardy by one member who does not take his or her commitment to the debt repayment plan as seriously as everyone else in the cooperative.

Those membership applications that do not fulfill the requirements for membership will be returned, with a suggestion on possible changes to be affected by the applicant in order to ensure an approved membership application.

Connect with SAIFF

If you would like one of our call centre agents to call you with more information about the SAIFF offer, kindly send us a email to the following address: