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Intego Product
Alumno Product
A SAIFF product for every step of the way

SAIFF products have been designed with one critical objective in mind:

To protect the over-indebted consumer during each phase of the debt counselling process.Two primary phases of the debt counselling process were identified, each with rather unique requirements and threats to successful outcomes. With this in mind, SAIFF offers a customised product for each phase:

Intego Phase 1
Phase 1:

This phase covers the period from application to enter a debt counselling programme (DCP) up until receiving the court order formalising the newly structured payment plan. This phase can last anything between 6 - 24 months.

Threats to success:
Some creditors tend to favour repossessions above negotiations, and often clients are either harassed by debt collectors during this time, or find themselves without recourse when a creditor terminates payment negotiations. The only way to prevent these actions, is with counter legal action. Unfortunately few consumers in this phase have the resources available to leverage legal action as a means of ensuring creditor compliance - something these creditors have come to count on.

Alumno Phase 2
Phase 2:

Refers to the period after receipt of court order, during which consumers are now formally active in a DCP, paying off their consumer debt to become debt free. This phase could last between 3-7 years, depending on the extent of the consumer's debt-burden pre-DCP.

Threats to success:
During this time consumers need to adhere rigorously to their payment plan, as any lapse of payment will result in the summary termination of the DCP, and the client will loose all benefits and cover provided by the Credit Protection Act. Unfortunately, life is not always a planned series of events, and burst tyres and flooded carpets sometimes just happen.
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