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Essence of the Alumno Offer

Alumno continues to offer its members legal protection against unlawful creditor action (as with Intego), simply because certain creditors sometimes attempt to have court orders on payment plans set aside. Hence the legal offer is also considered a critical and valuable component of Alumno.

In addition, members will also have access to a contingency benefit, whereby the co-op will make funds* available to the member in order to assist in the following circumstances:

> when a member has become unemployed or have experienced a loss of income
> when the member or his/her immediate family member requires medical assistance
> when the member's spouse, child or parent becomes deceased and the member requires assistance regarding funeral costs
> when an event occurs that requires the type of financial commitment that threatens a member's ability to pay his/her monthly debt repayment installment, and as a result threatens the continued existence of the member's debt re-arrangement plan.

The above assistance means that when it comes to the unexpected, the one thing that will remain intact is your debt repayment plan and your journey towards complete financial freedom.

* contingency amount available to each member is calculated based on the amount in their SAIFF savings account.

Who is eligible?

Anyone who has obtained a court approved payment plan, is eligible to become a SAIFF Alumno member, subject to approval by the SAIFF Co-op board.

What will it cost?

We advise that you download the Alumno brochure that clearly explains the fee structure. In short however you will be pleasantly surprised by the low monthly membership fee, of which most is paid directly into your SAIFF Savings Account. Once you have completed your payment plan, these funds (minus the amount used during the membership period) are paid out to you - the perfect way to start your new life of financial freedom!

How do I apply?

You can contact us via the Connect form on the right, and we will send you the application form to become an Alumno member. Alternatively you can download the application form (under the downloads tab) or contact one of our accredited DC's directly for personal assistance with your Alumno application.

Connect with SAIFF

If you would like one of our call centre agents to call you with more information about the SAIFF offer, kindly send us a email to the following address: